Not Your Average Team Building

Not Your Average Team Building

The past few years have been a poster for growth for the T2G Network Innovations family, and it is the cog that allows us to deliver great service to our client partners. To even strengthen our team work and of course, to highlight our biggest milestones and humbling wins, T2G Network Innovations had its team building on July 10th to 11th at Santaya Hot Springs Resorts in Laguna.

Among those who present were some of the hardworking souls from the team and a couple of their family members – making it an even bigger and definitely more delightful experience. Our crew is known for their ability to work well together, even during difficult times. But their collaboration was put to the test with the games prepared by the HR and Admin team.

Departments battled each other in the Perfect Square and T2G Shield, where their creativity and combined effort were tested, in the face of an opposing team, brimming with the same level of competitiveness. 

A team building event is a lot more entertaining when employees are brought out of their comfort zones so of course, there were also activities where our members were tasked to work with those they don’t normally interact with on a regular work day. Through the games of Electric Fence, Survivor, Paper Boat Racing, and River Crossing, everyone had the opportunity to really spend time with each other and get to know their colleagues.

Another highlight from the team building was the spotlight for employees who have shown excellence and perseverance that have helped the company grow to where it is today. Among those who were recognized were individuals who went above and beyond in making sure that they do whatever it takes to get the job done and those who’ve never wavered in their loyalty and integrity with the company.

After the ceremony comes the feast! And the rest was just a lot of singing and dancing and making sure that memories are made that they will treasure on, even after they get back to the office.


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