Telecommunication: The Driving Force of Business

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Telecommunication: The Driving Force of Business

From the ancient use of smoke signals and carrier birds to the wireless revolution, telecommunication is undeniably the backbone of civilization. It plays a pivotal role in many aspects of the economy, including the business sector. In the midst of a global health crisis, telecom enables companies to introduce more flexible working systems, allowing employees to work efficiently from home, and delivering high standards of customer service. 

Think of telecom as your company’s central nervous system. Without it, competing or surviving in the nation’s information service-dependent economy wouldn’t be possible. That’s why it is one of the most important investments you’ll make as you start your business. 


With telecom technology, businesses are able to save more while benefitting from the efficiency of communication. For instance, instead of booking flights, hotel rooms or meeting space, companies can make use of video conferencing systems that allows company employees to connect and interact with their colleagues from different locations in real-time. 

Free video conference application like Zoom enables your company to invite up to 100 participants to join in a meeting from different locations simultaneously. Meanwhile, paid software like ezTalks caters up to 500 people in a video conference at once. 

Customer Service

According to a recent survey, 84 percent of consumers consider customer service as an important factor in making purchases. Today, advances in telecom allows you to choose a variety of customer service systems that fits with the nature of your business. 

Today, there are 53 percent of people prefer using messaging apps than calling customer service. That is why many businesses, especially small and medium enterprises rely on Messenger to keep in touch with their customers. However, the telephone remains to be an important element of customer service. Large global brands invest in outsourced call centers. Collaborating with BPOs allows your company to respond to any queries and complaints from anyone residing in different locations around the globe.


Today, telecommunication systems take business communications to a higher level that’s way beyond basic voice calls. Telecommunication systems can now be run on the same network as video and data systems, allowing collaboration in the comfort of few devices as possible. Less is more. The sophistication of mobile devices has made it possible to make voice calls, browse websites, send or receive email, access databases or participate in conference calls. 

Technology is evolving; so is telecommunication. Your telecom service provider, facilities and systems can make or break your business. Sure, it will cost you a significant amount but the benefits are exponential. 

Would you upgrade and standout, or stay in the background? 


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