WiFLY Network Connects the Multiple Branches of Benby Enterprises

t2g and benby employees together

WiFLY Network Connects the Multiple Branches of Benby Enterprises

t2g and benby employees together

T2G Network Innovations and Benby Enterprises have joined forces in an exciting new partnership. The two industry-leading companies recently made the official announcement, sparking enthusiasm among partners, businesses, and investors alike.

T2G Network Innovations, renowned for its cutting-edge IT services and innovative solutions, has consistently pushed the boundaries of technological advancements. With a diverse portfolio of successful projects across various sectors, T2G Network Innovations has earned a reputation for reliability, creativity, and customer-centricity.

Benby Enterprises, on the other hand, is a prominent player in the distribution and supply chain industry. With a strong presence in local and international markets, Benby has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and sustainable business practices. 

To secure a branch network among the six branches of Benby Enterprises nationwide, T2G Network Innovations successfully implemented a Managed SDWAN and Connectivity Solution through WiFLY Private Networks. WiFLY Networks is an innovative way to connect your remote branches and workers by offering reduced spending on expensive leased lines and security appliances and removing the headaches of managing them. The T2G crew delivered a private WAN infrastructure providing highly-available last mile circuits, secure access to the internet, and fast-inter branch communication with a centralized support desk dedicated to Benby.

One of the primary objectives of this partnership is to bridge the gap between the tech industry and supply chain management. The collaboration will lead to the development of cutting-edge technologies that optimize distribution processes, enhance logistics efficiency, and streamline supply chain operations.

If your business is operating with multiple sites from different locations – no matter the physical distance – T2G Network Innovations will bridge the gap. Learn more on how we can make this happen, contact us today!


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