TruNET Events Empowers Coca-Cola’s Tiger Tribe Meet with Temporary Broadband

gathering of people

TruNET Events Empowers Coca-Cola's Tiger Tribe Meet with Temporary Broadband

gathering of people

In another exciting collaboration, TruNET Events has partnered with The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion to provide seamless connectivity for the Tiger Tribe Meet Gathering of Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines. The gathering provides an avenue for the organization’s business leaders to connect and share updates and some of their recent wins from their respective landscapes.

event with participants

To ensure connectivity throughout the entire event while the participants share and discuss exciting news on some of the biggest wins of the organization, TruNET Events has provided 100Mbps Bandwidth and onsite support at the location. 

The seamless internet access streamlined event operations, allowing organizers and facilitators to disseminate important presentations, updates, and other announcements. Thus, enhancing the overall event experience, leaving participants with more time to immerse themselves in the knowledge-sharing and even casual catch-ups with other business leaders and members.

event with participants

TruNET Events’ commitment to providing reliable and fully customizable temporary broadband services makes it ideal for event partners for events and organizations looking for high-quality, fast, and secure internet connectivity.

Powering the New Era of Virtual Events with TruNET's High-Speed Temporary Internet Service

Whether it’s a virtual company party, an upcoming webinar, or a brand launching, TruNET Events Broadband On Demand can meet the overwhelming demands and unique needs of any project of location. TruNET Events is committed to providing its customers with reliable and affordable internet services.

With its Broadband on Demand service, we can offer flexible and customizable solutions for events and temporary locations. In addition, this service can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each event, ensuring that all attendees and participants have access to fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Power your event with fast and on-demand broadband service to achieve a seamless run and the best experience for your event! TruNET Events Broadband delivers a temporary internet experience with a guaranteed speed of up to 100Mbps, enough to meet the overwhelming demands and unique needs of any project or location.


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