Glacier Megafridge, Inc. Chooses TruNET as Broadband Partner

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Glacier Megafridge, Inc. Chooses TruNET As New Broadband Partner

Glacier Megafridge, Inc. is a cold chain storage and logistical service provider that builds, owns, and operates high-performance cold chain industrial facilities for perishable meat, poultry, aquamarine and dairy products. They partner with food importers, traders, processors, distributors and retail outlets in the Philippines. They serve clients in these channels of commerce who need cold chain logistical support to preserve freshness in products they distribute to manufacturers and consumers nationwide. And most recently, a partner of T2G Network Innovations, too!


Logistical transport operations involve a lot of digital support and communications from different moving cogs, that’s why it’s paramount that a high-speed internet connection is in place in all their storage warehouses and their tenant clients’ offices. And true to our mission of making sure businesses of all shapes and sizes are connected and protected at all times – T2G Network Innovations heeded their call for support.

Our support crew powers Glacier Megafridge’s storage warehouses and offices with TruNET Premium Internet Service to make sure that their operations are running seamlessly, always. Powered by a cloud-native network security functions, we optimize solutions that can protect Glacier Megafridge’s sites from online threats and DoS attacks. With this in place, confidential information on their logistical activities, especially any transaction with partner companies and organizations, are kept secured and classified at all times.


Ready to take your business operations to the next level? TruNET Business Broadband delivers the service that your business deserves! We understand that each business is unique – and we’ll tailor fit our broadband package according to your prerequisites and to what truly matters for your operations. Contact us today!


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