No More Roadblocks: A-1 Driving School Shifts to Online Classes

No More Roadblocks: A-1 Driving School Shifts to Online Classes

A-1 Driving Company, a driving academy center with more than 60 company-owned registration centers nationwide, joins the growing list of partners with TruNET and WiFLY to support and strengthen their connectivity and network needs.

The restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic pushed for a shift in operations within the A-1 organization. To survive and thrive in the new normal, A-1 implemented online classes for their students. A-1 Driving Student Program offers Driving Courses, Licensing Assistance, and Car Maintenance 101 Course. Their comprehensive curricula include classroom orientation as a pre-driving primer, and lectures on Defensive Driving, Rules of the Road, Preventive Maintenance, and Handling Emergencies. And to make sure that their online classes are running smoothly, they have partnered with TruNET and WiFLY for secure, reliable connectivity.

With TruNET in place, A-1 has access to premium fiber coverage that is high-speed and always has the security of data and users as the top priority. And because A-1 has multiple centers across the Metro area, they have also opted to seek help from WiFLY to connect all of their branches in Mandaluyong, Las Pinas, and Quezon City.

TruNet Premium provides a dedicated bandwidth and fast access speeds that will allow online classes and training to run efficiently, with zero to minimal digital interruptions. This fiber connection also has DNS protection at full-throttle – making sure that A-1’s entire organization is protected from security threats and a myriad of cyber-attacks. To further strengthen their digital operations, WiFLY enables mobility and productivity from different locations – as if employees from these A-1 centers are in the same room.

With the recent partnership with T2G Network Innovations, A-1 Driving Company creates an operational driving academy that is highly digitized and 100% agile in supporting its students, trainers, and other employees.


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