Federated Distributors Inc. Now TruNET-Powered​

Federated Distributors Inc. Now TruNET-Powered

TruNET remains true to its commitment of delivering top-notch service with its high-speed internet and managed security to SMEs in remote locations typically underserved by major telco service providers.

Federated Distributors, Inc (FDI) was founded in 1995 as an importation and distribution company. FDI hails a reputable performance in the distribution business and has in-depth penetration of the modern and general trade markets.

Without fiber connectivity in its head office at Gomburza Extension corner Queensway Avenue, Parañaque City, its operations are often hampered by poor, unreliable internet service.

T2G Network Innovations responded to its call by providing TruNET Premium Business Broadband, a secure and reliable premium internet service powered by a cloud-native network security infrastructure. This enabled FDI to cater to service requests faster, improve its workforce’s productivity, strengthen the security of its network, and eventually, stay ahead of the competition.

Today FDI carries more than 600 SKU’s under diversified product categories: Food such as Maling, Tulip, and Splenda; Beverage including Vitalia, Pocari Sweat, and Ceres; and Personal Care such as Salonpas, Avea, and Mamy Poko.

What started as wireless premium internet service has now evolved to a fiber, fully-supported broadband solution powered by TruNET Premium Business Broadband.

For more information about TruNET Premium Business Broadband, visit t2g.net.ph/trunet.


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