Private WAN for Your Business: Reducing Security Risk

modern office building at night

Private WAN for Your Business: Reducing Security Risk

For companies that operate with different branches spread across multiple locations, an effective and fool-proof technology that can enable effective communication and boost productivity lies within the Private Wide Area Network (Private WAN) technology.

modern office building at night

WANs are large communication networks that connect locations, spanning geographical borders from cities to countries to even continents. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, the best option is Private WANs. This technology is especially built for one organization, and its solutions focus on privacy, centralized traffic networks, and boosted productivity.

If your organization with operations from different sides of the world, below are some critical business advantages to consider on why now is the best time to invest in private WAN for your business:

Focuses on privacy

Private WAN solutions allow communication and delivery of sensitive data without storing this information over the internet. Site-to-site encryption adds an extra layer of protection, which comes extremely handy with web threats and other cybercrimes.

Boosts productivity

Securely accessed sites and online portals mean fewer business interruptions. Because all communications are unified within the WAN ecosystem, businesses can put the spotlight on effectivity collaboration and mobility.

Centralizes infrastructure

This is why WAN can guarantee cost-savings. WAN reduces the need for expensive technology and hardware, such as servers for each office or location of your business. This also simplifies helpdesk management and IT resources across all sites, removing the headache of scaling IT support and peripherals.

Managed Private WAN At Your Service

If your company is looking into investing in WAN technology, T2G Network Innovations can help you through WiFLY Networks. WiFLY Networks is an innovative way to connect remote branches and workers by offering reduced spending on expensive leased line and security appliances and removing the headaches of managing it.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help your business.


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