Secure Digital Transformation Broadband Services – now in CALABARZON!

TruNET Premium Broadband

Secure Digital Transformation Broadband Services – now in CALABARZON!


Digital is the new normal.

As the world continues to restructure life as we know it, we now shift the focus to online experience – even for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs.) However, data security becomes the most vulnerable within an automated ecosystem. Every day, a myriad of cyber-attacks and fraudulent movements happen that can potentially put a business in great jeopardy.

TruNET is a premium broadband service that aims to provide connectivity, even to remote locations that are typically underserved by major telco service providers. As such, TruNET is even widening its reach by tapping into the grounds of SMEs in the CALABARZON area. Business owners from this area now have access to premium fiber coverage that is high-speed and always has the security of your data and your users as the top priority. TruNET will remove the headache of setting up – we can tailor fit our broadband packages according to your business needs and deploy fast installations… Making sure that wherever you are, your business is always ON.

A successful digital movement and access to secure broadband services go hand-in-hand. Regardless of size, whether you’re a market leader or a small start-up, network connectivity plays an important role in your business’ growth. Your connectivity speed directly impacts your ability to provide an agile response to service delivery requests. Your network security is parallel to your enterprise from any security breach. The digital mobility of your day-to-day operations and the safety of your users from online threats are of the utmost importance – a job that only a secure broadband service can do, and do WELL!


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